Bill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID Vaccine

When the pandemic started the Government and media quickly proclaimed that we were all going to die if we did not submit to whatever they suggested. It began with two weeks to flatten the curve. Then two months. Then six months. Then it’s just a mask. Then it’s just a vaccine.

Bill Gates has been the loudest proponent for destroying the livelihood of the middle-class through arbitrary, widespread lock downs but also the biggest proponent of pushing mass vaccinations on all seven billion people on Earth.

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Back in April, as this interview with PBS discusses, Gates said that we will not be able to return to ‘normal’ until we both have a vaccine and virtually everyone on the planet has received it. A rushed, untested, unproven vaccine that apparently requires multiple doses is bad enough. But Gates has now doubled-down stating that we will not return to normal until everyone also takes the second generation of super vaccinations in addition. With the first vaccines not even available as we write, it begs the question – how many years will it take before everyone has received this second generation vaccine? Until then, we should continue to destroy our nations?

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis,” said Gates.

“That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created — in education, mental health — and start to build back in a positive way,” he added.

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It’s important to remember that vaccine manufacturers are exempt from all liability of damages caused by their vaccines, including death. And this is not specific to potential COVID-19 vaccines but in fact all vaccines currently mandated.

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