New Study: Vaccinated kids worse health outcomes than unvaccinated

New Study: Vaccinated kids worse health outcomes than unvaccinated

The study Analysis of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children: Developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders, published on May 27, 2020, concludes with what many have suspected for quite some time: vaccinated children are less healthy than their unvaccinated counterparts.

Using data from three medical practices in the United States with children born between November 2005 and June 2015, vaccinated children were compared to unvaccinated children during the first year of life for later incidence of developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders. All diagnoses utilized International Classification of Diseases–9 and International Classification of Diseases–10 codes through medical chart review. Subjects were a minimum of 3 years of age, stratified based on medical practice, year of birth and gender and compared using a logistic regression model.

Their results showed that the vaccinated group were more than twice as likely to suffer from developmental delays, four times as likely to have asthma, and twice as likely to experience ear infections.

The worse health outcomes appear to be dose-dependent with the higher odds ratios being observed the more vaccine doses received. In their conclusion, the scientists urge more study.

In this study, which only allowed for the calculation of unadjusted observational associations, higher ORs were observed within the vaccinated versus unvaccinated group for developmental delays, asthma and ear infections. Further study is necessary to understand the full spectrum of health effects associated with childhood vaccination.

This adds to a previous pilot study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated homeschoolers, and the research from the pediatric practise of Dr. Paul Thomas who found much higher rates of autism in his practice for those children following the CDC vaccination schedule, versus those who were not.

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