Why are children experiencing an explosion in chronic illness?

Why are children experiencing an explosion in chronic illness?

Virtually every chronic disease has grown to epidemic proportions in our children. ADHD, allergies, autism, cancer, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, and the list goes on. With the dramatic rise of these chronic diseases happening over an infinitely small timeline in terms of evolution, the notion that the rise has been driven by genetics falls flat.

One in six children has a developmental disability indicating that something is affecting the neurological health of our children. Autoimmune conditions, ranging from eczema to arthritis tells us that something is causing our children’s immune systems to act out of order and inappropriately causing it to attack friendly cells inside the body. The prevailing medical dogma is that this rise in disease must be environmental and yet the majority of the industry refuses to look at one of the most obvious culprits – vaccination.

Following the 1986, Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, which provided vaccine manufacturers legal immunity for damage and death caused by vaccines, the vaccine schedule has more than tripled. In parallel to the rise of the number of vaccinations we’ve witnessed the greatest fall in children’s health in history.

In Canada, all types of allergies in children have increased six times since 1980. For more than a century, science has understood that repeatedly injecting foreign proteins (vaccination) reliably causes allergies.

In 1903, the French immunologist Nicolas Maurice Arthus published an eye-opening experiment (8): after the fourth subcutaneous injection of horse serum in rabbits, a local oedematous reaction occurred; after the fifth, it became purulent; and after the seventh gangrenous. In other words, an increased specific sensitivity followed repeated injections of a foreign protein that was primarily nontoxic.

The History of the Idea of Allergy

This fact underscores the importance of thorough, long-term safety studies for vaccinations. Not all adverse reactions will happen immediately but can appear over time especially in the case of autoimmune conditions. Informed Consent Network Canada demands that proper studies be conducted to prove vaccine safety. Until we stem the tide of chronic disease in children no stone, including vaccines, should be left unturned.

When the medical system is so clearly failing the health of our children, the fact that proper studies are not conducted on the vaccines we inject into children becomes much more distressing.


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