Herpes zoster in an adult recipient of live attenuated varicella vaccine.

“A healthy 30-y-old female physician who was immunized with two doses of live attenuated varicella vaccine developed a localized case of zoster involving the right T8-10 dermatomes 36 mo after vaccination. The virus isolated from her rash was an unusual wild-type of varicella-zoster virus. After immunization she developed detectable antibodies to varicella-zoster virus, but antibodies were no longer detectable after 20 mo.” 

The Journal of Infectious Diseases 1989

Exposure to varicella boosts immunity to herpes-zoster: implications for mass vaccination against chickenpox

“We present data to confirm that exposure to varicella boosts immunity to herpes-zoster. We show that exposure to varicella is greater in adults living with children and that this exposure is highly protective against zoster (Incidence ratio=0.75, 95% CI, 0.63–0.89). The data is used to parameterise a mathematical model of varicella zoster virus (VZV) transmission that captures differences in exposure to varicella in adults living with and without children. Under the ‘best-fit’ model, exposure to varicella is estimated to boost cell-mediated immunity for an average of 20 years (95% CI, 7–41years). Mass varicella vaccination is expected to cause a major epidemic of herpes-zoster, affecting more than 50% of those aged 10–44 years at the introduction of vaccination.”

ScienceDirect – Vaccine

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