Methodological issues and evidence of malfeasance in research purporting to show thimerosal in vaccines is safe.

“There are over 165 studies that have focused on Thimerosal, an organic-mercury (Hg) based compound, used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines, and found it to be harmful. Of these, 16 were conducted to specifically examine the effects of Thimerosal on human infants or children with reported outcomes of death; acrodynia; poisoning; allergic reaction; malformations; auto-immune reaction; Well’s syndrome; developmental delay; and neurodevelopmental disorders, including tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism.”

BioMed Research International 2014

US Ranks No. 69 in Lowest ‘First Day’ Newborn Deaths

“In the United States, more babies die on the first day of life than in any other industrialized country, according to a new report.

Each year, about 11,300 U.S. babies die the day they’re born, which is 50 percent more deaths than all other industrialized countries combined, according to the report from the charity organization Save the Children.

When the organization ranked countries by the rate of death on the first day of life, the United States placed behind 68 others, including Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.”


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