Vaccine Liability

The Dirty Secret of a Corrupt Industry

Canada (excluding Quebec) and Russia are the only two countries in the G20 that do not have a vaccine injury compensation program. This means that victims and their families have no legal recourse against doctors, or manufacturers for permanent disabilities and death resulting from a vaccination.

While Canada pretends to be a progessive warrior of human rights and freedoms, when it comes to vaccines they believe that no Canadian has the right to fair discovery, trial or compensation for damages from one specific type of pharmaceutical drug.


A Corrupt Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is the most demonstrably corrupt industry on Earth. Two of the largest vaccine manufacturers on Earth, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer have paid $11.8 billion in fines over the past 30 years to settle civil and criminal charges ranging from fraud, bribery, false and misleading statements, hiding safety data, poor manufacturing and off-label promotion. Between 2001 and 2013, the pharmaceutical averaged $1.5 billion dollars in civil and criminal fines per year. 

Merck, another prominent vaccine manufacturer knew for years that their product Vioxx was killing people but made the caculated decision not to pull it and jeopradize profits. Thankfully, for all other pharmaceuticals the company can be held liable and the victims of Vioxx were able to get a $4.85 billion dollar settlement. 

The U.S. System

In the United States, victims of vaccines must face off against a team of Federal Government lawyers in a secret ‘vaccine court’ where the normal rules of a trial are not allowed. Discovery, the first step in almost any civil trial is outlawed so victims are not able to probe companies for internal documents that proved what they knew and when they knew it in regards to the dangers of their products. If not for discovery, the victims of Vioxx would never have been able to secure their $4.85 billion dollar settlement. The deck is stacked against the injured.

Despite having the deck stacked against them, victims of vaccines in the United States have receieved more than $4.3 billion dollars in compensation from injuries ranging from ‘autism-like symptoms’, brain damage, seizure disorders and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

No Incentive For Quality Control

Without liability, pharmaceutical companies have no incentive for quality control. This is very dangerous with an industry already known to be willing to sacrifice the lives of patients to ensure profits. GlaxoSmithKline settled a $750 million law suit for inadequate manufacturing practices resulting in adulterated drugs at their plant in Peurto Rico whcih produced Kytril, Bactroban, Paxil CR and Avandamet.

Admitting to the charges they said they regretted operating the site,
“in a manner that was inconsistent with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements.”

With no incentive for quality control, the industry that routinely puts profits before patients is given legal immunity for the only drugs we inject into children starting almost at birth. This is a travesty of justice and potentially a crime against humanity.

An Entire System Arrayed Against Victims

With manufacturers shielded from all liability for just one class of products, the Governments who do have compensation programs act as the industries legal team.

Imagine having a product that everyone is forced to take, the Government buys from you, the Government markets for you, for which you’re immune to legal liability and any damage your product causes the Government will defend vigorously for you. What a fantastic business model. This is completely unprecedented in human history and it would be bad enough if it were for some drug we give to the elderly or even adults, but this concerns new borns and infants.

With Governments mandating these products they have a vested interest in never admitting any serious risks. The media in the United States, heavily funded through pharmaceutical industry advertising revenue refuses to cover the victims of vaccine injuries; instead berating, name-calling, and trivializing their ruined lives.

The entire system from the front line doctors and nurses, media, Government officials, and the industry itself practice a vicious form of gas lighting against demonstrable victims of vaccine injury. Despite immediate and severe adverse reactions which have been caused by vaccines, the victims are told it’s just a “coincidence”, vaccines are “Safe and Effective™”, that their perfectly healthy, perfectly developed, talking, walking baby was going to spontaneously regress into a non-verbal, non-mobile, stump – anyways.

They’re told that there’s no way that inadequately tested drugs, filled with neurotoxic ingredients, made by a criminally corrupt industry could ever possibly be responsible for damage.

Demand Change

At Informed Consent Canada, we are demanding the Government of Canada, a so-called ‘progressive leader’ return our right to compensation for vaccine injuries. People are maimed and killed by vaccines every single day on this planet and among them are most certainly hard working, law abiding Canadians who believed their doctor and thought they were doing what is right.

We demand the Government stop protecting a criminal industry and force them to put patient safety ahead of profits.



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