Herd Immunity

Acheiving so-called “herd immunity” is one of the primary reasons cited for mass vaccination campaigns. The notion was first put forth by A.W. Hendrich in 1933, when he observed that measles outbreaks in Boston between 1900 and 1930 were surpressed when 68% of the children contracted the virus and developed natural immunity.

Vaccination proponents latched onto this idea and proposed the theory that if enough people were vaccinated, then a similar effect would be acheived in reducing outbreaks. This belief proof flawed as it quickly became apparent that vaccine induced immunity is very temporal and doesn’t last anywhere near as long as natural immunity. It’s for this reason that they’ve had to continually add more and more booster shots to the schedule, in order to keep acheiving the antibody response they’re targeting for over time.

Vaccines Saved Us

Its this flawed theory that is cited when vaccination proponents note the decline in prevalence of many previously common infectious diseases like measles. We know this is not the case by examining the mortality rates of these diseases prior to mass vaccination.

Measles was killing nearly 15 per 100,000 at the turn of the century but was killing almost no one by the time the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963. It’s important to remember that virtually everyone got the measles including most baby boomers. This infection provided them natural, lifelong immunity which provided true herd immunity to the next generations. Interestingly, studies have shown naturally acquiring certain infections like measles actually confers protection against certain types of cancers such as melanoma and lymphatic cancers.

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Vaccine Efficacy and Failure

As we note on our page for Vaccine Efficacy the word “effective” doesn’t mean what most assume it means. For a vaccine to be considered “effective” it must only temporarily increase antibody levels, no scientific proof of an actual reduction in disease is required for approval.

The 2017 Center for Disease Control Pertussis Surveillance Report showed that of the more than 4,000 cases only 10% were completely unvaccinated. Further, 44% has received all three doses and thus were fully vaccinated.

Vaccine failure happens in nearly every outbreak that occurs in the west, and in many cases almost everyone who actually gets infected is fully vaccinated. With vaccine induced antibody response waning so quickly, it becomes impossible to ever acheive herd immunity using vaccinations.

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Viral Shedding

Live virus vaccines are capable of shedding which means that the vaccinated person can actively spread the virus to others around them. Live vaccines include certain flu vaccines as well as Chickenpox, and in some poor countries Polio. A 2002 study found that adults living with children and were exposed to naturally acquired chickenpox experienced high levels of protection against herpes zoster (shingles). The authors argued that mass vaccination for Chickenpox would result in an epidemic of shingles as exposure to varicella was estimated to boost cell-mediated immunity for an average of 20 years.

Often vaccination proponents will argue that we must vaccinate everyone so that we can acheive herd immunity and therefore protect the immunocompromised and those who cannot be vaccinated. Yet viral shedding from certain vaccines has been proven to spread the virus to those around the vaccinated person which should call into question the wisdom of this method in protecting the compromised.

In India, where the World Health Organization proclaimed to be “polio free” in 2014, still reports 50,000 cases annually of ‘acute flaccid paralysis’ which is clinically indistinuishable from actual polio. The cases result from the viral shedding of the live polio vaccination in India. The surveillance systems recorded 491,000 cases of paralysis – but thankfully, at least India is “polio free.”

“The study showed that the number of pulse polio rounds conducted in a state had a “high correlation” with the non-polio paralysis rate. “We found that the… rates in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were higher in those years when the number of pulse polio rounds conducted were more frequent.”

The more we vaccinate for polio, the more cases of paralysis we get – but thankfully it’s not polio.



  • The theory of ‘herd immunity’ has only be demonstrated in natural immunity
  • Vaccine induced immunity wanes rapidly and therefore a large portion of the population at any given time will lack immunity
  • Vaccines did not save us from communicable diseases
  • Vaccines routinely fail to provide herd immunity even in fully vaccinated populations
  • Certain vaccines shed the virus putting the immunocompromised at risk



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