Vaccination = / = Immunization

Everyone knows the popular slogan Safe and Effective, but the words don’t mean what you think they mean. 

“Vaccines currently available in Canada can protect your child against 14 serious diseases. Most of these childhood vaccines provide over 90% protection against the disease.”Government of Canada

The impression given by the Government statement is that vaccination equals immunization. Most people assume that there has been a rigorous scientific study that has proven the vaccine confers immunity against whatever virus it is designed for. This is simply not the case. 

“…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL”  – FLULAVAL Influenza Vaccine Insert (Licensed in Canada)

What do they mean by “effective” then? 

If vaccines are approved as “effective” without any proof that they protect against the disease they claim to be effective for, the question becomes well what does ‘effective’ even mean? FLULAVAL is not an exception, all licensed vaccines claim to be effective as a result of a temporal increase in antibodies. 

To make the claim of “effective” the vaccine only has to elicit an antibody response in the patient. If it produces an arbitrary level of antibody response, then there is an assumption that the person is now “immune” and thus the vaccine is claimed to be effective. 


Antibodies Do Not Equal Immunity  

Science has long known that antibodies alone do NOT create real immunity. Some people with high levels of antibodies can be exposed to an illness and still get sick, while others without antibodies may be exposed and not get sick. Dr. Merrill Chase, nicknamed the Grandfather of Immunology for his pioneering work, did clear-cut research on this issue back in the 1950s. His results were clear: antibody levels do not determine immunity. 

The immune system is a highly complex system and science is still in its infancy understanding how it functions. In fact, immunology textbooks were completely rewritten recently after a University of Virginia study finally proving the link between the gut and the brain through the lymphatic system. Before this 2014 study, immunology books were adamant there was no link.

“Doctors are never taught the ingredients in vaccines, the way they disrupt the immune system or the research proves that antibodies do not create immunity.”

2017 CDC Pertussis Surveillance Report showed that of the 4,377 confirmed cases only 430 (10%) were unvaccinated. Amazingly, 44% of all confirmed cases were fully vaccinated with all three doses, showing the utter failure of the vaccine to protect those who receive it. 

As of a result of this flawed thinking that antibodies equal immunity, vaccines routinely fail to protect people during outbreaks. Nearly every year there are large outbreaks in either fully, or nearly fully vaccinated populations. While the Government and media are quick to blame the unvaccinated, they almost always neglect to mention that the overwhelming majority of people infected were fully vaccinated implying serious vaccine failure. If vaccines are actually effective how could an unvaccinated person ever compromise the vaccinated?

Major measles epidemic in the region of Quebec despite a 99% vaccine coverage.
Chickenpox outbreak in 97% fully vaccinated elementary school.
Transmission of measles among highly vaccinated school population.
38% of measles cases that were tested in the 2015 US outbreak were vaccine strain measles.
Pertussis epidemic despite high levels of vaccination coverage with acellular pertussis vaccine.

Not only do vaccines routinely fail to provide the protection they claim to offer, but in fact, as the study cited above shows can actually be the cause of the outbreak itself through viral shedding combined with vaccine failure. Throughout the history of mass vaccination programs there have been routine and consistent failure of the vaccines during outbreaks. Vaccines appear to be as reliable as Tiger Protection Rocks™ which provide 100% protection from Tigers as long as none are around. These and many more instances of vaccine failure are covered at the link below. 

Learn more about Vaccine Failure at


But Effective Vaccines “Saved Us” … Right?

This is another dogmatic mantra that is repeated endlessly by proponents of mass vaccination. What most don’t understand is that communicable diseases have declined between 90-99% prior to mass vaccination beginning. Moreover, diseases that we never developed a vaccine for such as scarlet fever, were also eliminated which should call into question what role vaccines actually had.

This chart from Immunity Education Group highlights the issue quite clearly. By the time we began mass vaccinations these were not terrifying, rampaging diseases. Nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene had virtually eliminated many of them prior to mass vaccination and all were in terminal decline of both prevalence and lethality.

This chart perfectly illustrates how far the mortality rates of common diseases has fallen prior to mass vaccination. Again, note that scarlet fever which was killing nearly 15 per 100,000 at the turn of the century (similar to measles), was killing virtually zero per 100,000 by the time the measles vaccine was introduced. 

Vaccines did not save us from dreaded diseases, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition did. This is plainly evidenced by the fact that people in third world nations which lack sanitation, hygiene, and suffer from terrible malnutrition still routinely die to all the disease which are no longer dangerous to those in the first world. 

Learn more about the History of Disease at

In some cases, certain vaccines actually increase your odds of catching other diseases. For instance, a recent study by the Department of Defense found that recipients of the flu vaccine were 36% more likely to catch a coronavirus which is in the same family of viruses as COVID-19.


  • Vaccines are not “effective” in the way the word implies.
  • Vaccines are not scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of disease, only to elicit an antibody response.
  • Vaccines routinely fail to protect vaccinated populations during outbreaks.
  • Vaccines did not “save us” from communicable diseases.


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